This weekend SALEF was able to provide over $2,200 in food donations to three shelters in Tijuana, Mexico where thousands of our brothers and sisters (men, women and children) are waiting to seek asylum in the United States.

We delivered the following items to Desayunador del Padre Chava, Casa de Madre Asunta, and Enclave Caracol:

  • Over 500 Kg of proteins (beans/other legumes, mixed meats and over 50 whole chickens)

  • Over 200 Kgs of grains

  • Over 100 Kgs of fruits and vegetables

  • Over 60 Kg mixed foods including breads, pastas, mixed veggies and canned foods

  • Cooking Oil and basic cleaning supplies

  • Childcare and infant care products

We also surprised the children at the women’s shelter with two large cakes.

SALEF consulted with each shelter before purchasing the supplies, in order to ensure we were providing what was most needed.

We would like to thank everyone that donated to this first trip to help the Central American Caravan. Special thanks to the organizations and individuals that worked with us to provide services to the Central American Caravan, including El Rescate, David Giron, Clínica Msr. Oscar A. Romero, and Briana Rodriguez.

We were also able to identify more needs of the caravan they we hope to be able to help address in the coming weeks:

  1. Legal observers as asylum seekers are not being allowed to get access to El Chaparral Port Authority

  2. Attorneys to provide legal consultations, specifically regarding asylum

  3. Medical Doctors to see patients

  4. Medicine for children and adults

  5. Clothing, including shoes, jackets and socks for men, women, and children

  6. Food, specifically cash donations to buy food at Costco and Smart and Final (it is much easier to purchase food in Mexico versus transporting food from the US)

We understand that this crisis is only growing and we need your support to keep doing the work. If you are interested in donating or volunteering contact Briana Rodriguez: