On Monday January 14th, United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) took to the streets to defend public education and the future of Los Angeles students. Parents, teachers and students rallied at school sites to show their support on a rainy Monday morning and an estimated 30,000 teachers and allies took to the streets, marching to City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles.

SALEF opened its doors to show solidarity and support for teachers and all of those demonstrating to defend public education. We provided teachers and their supporters with food, beverages and a warm place to rest. We were grateful for the opportunity to host teachers from Miguel Contreras Learning Center, as well as teachers from as far as the San Fernando Valley.

“Each and every SALEF staff member, myself included, attended LAUSD schools,” says SALEF Executive Director Jocelyn Duarte. “As the children of immigrants we know first hand the importance of teachers and their lasting impact on our own lives. Our educational journey has been shaped by some of the very teachers striking today. We stand with parents, teachers and students on their quest to provide a quality education for our community.”

Special thank you to LAUSD social worker, Guisela Gutierrez (@guisela.gutierrez.1), for the shoutout on Instagram –


I want to give a shout out to my Central American people and amazing organization who extended such a needed and amazing support to the Miguel Contreras LC staff today. Thank you SALEF for hosting us in your office and buying breakfast, snacks, pizza, drinks and allowing us to use your restroom. Your advocacy and search for justice definitely goes beyond your clients and services. You truly exemplify the true meaning of community organizing, mobilization and advocacy for justice. Words cannot explain how much this means to me as a partner/colleague and as a Central American. Not to say how much it meant to all of the MCLC STAFF. Special thanks to Emely, Jasmine, Brianna and Anais. Sending lots of love and wholehearted appreciation to ALL of my SALEF fam.

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